Sand and Cement Cornice and Render

Property : Church. 

Instruction: Run new cornice pediment and spin window detail disecting with keystones, render and ashlar wall.

Material : Sand and cement.

Our task was to hack off and re-install the cement cornice and render. The cornice sailing out was formed using timber framework then covered with a membrane before getting stainless steel rib-lath. Once the rib-lath was fixed securely in place, we could then apply a scratch coat. We then had to set up timber rules for the “running” of the mould. Once the cornice was ra, we then formed the mitres by hand using joint rules.

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cornice pediment back ground prepared and walls scratched scratch coat applied pediment cornice run in-situ, running cornice conice stop-end finished with joint rule cornice to be mitred by hand, running cornice finished cement cornice pediment and ashlar render sand and cement ashlar marked render and running cornice complete cornice finished and painted setting out to spin window mould, running cornice spinning window mould, running cornice sand and cement render and window mould, running cornice finished window mould painted

finished cement cornice pediment and ashlar render